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Established in 2012, Ryerson Consulting Association (RCA) is a non-profit student led interest group based in Ted Roger School of Management at Ryerson University. RCA is dedicated to educating Ryerson students about the endless opportunities within the consulting industry. We aim to provide aspiring consultants with the necessary resources and a network of industry professionals through workshops, panels, and networking events to enhance their journey in consulting.


Educate students about the exciting world of consulting through industry panels, workshops, and networking events to equip them with the foundation of knowledge they will need to succeed. 


Motive students to activate their full potential within the consulting industry. Through our events, our goal is to connect students with industry professionals within the various fields in consulting and other aspiring consultants.  


Inspire students to discover themselves within the endless opportunities within the consulting field. With the encouragement of RCA team and network of industry professionals, students will be supported through their career journey. 




The Ryerson Consulting Association has dedicated ourselves to preparing undergraduate students entering a consulting career. Through different events, workshops, and networking sessions out goal is to refine the skills required for becoming successful in the consulting industry such as leadership, public speaking, and analytical thinking. We achieve this through the various events held at TRSM that are attended by industry professionals, Ryerson alumni and leaders in the consulting field who educate, motivate and inspire students to join the consulting industry by sharing their experiences in the field.


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​Room: TRS 3-139




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