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Who we are

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Based in the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University, the Ryerson Consulting Association (RCA) is a student-run, non-profit student group established in 2012 under the Ryerson Commerce Society (RCS). The RCA aims to raise awareness about the field of consulting, bridge the gap between students and industry professionals in the field, as well as connect students to Ryerson alumni. Each year, the RCA team hosts key events that aid students on the skills needed for consulting, connect students with similar interests, and allow our members to network with corporate professionals in the industry.

Our Mission

The Ryerson Consulting Association (RCA) plays a pivotal role at Ryerson in preparing top undergraduate students for a career in consulting. We aim at opening doors for students that lead to success by providing the right atmosphere for students to learn with other like-minded individuals. From the RCA’s contributions to the Ryerson community, students are able to take away experiences that will aid them in whichever consulting industry they adopt. We have worked hard to establish strong bonds with some of the top consulting firms in Toronto in order to provide the best networking opportunities for our members.

In the Ryerson Consulting Association, we are dedicated to preparing top undergraduate students entering a consulting career. Our different events, workshops and networking sessions help our members refine the skills required for becoming successful in the consulting industry such as leadership, public speaking and analytical thinking. We achieve this through the various events held at TRSM that are attended by industry professionals, Ryerson alumni and leaders in the consulting field who educate, motivate, and inspire students to join the consulting industry by sharing their experiences in the field.

Our Mandate

our team


  • Shawn Gaviola
    Shawn Gaviola President
  • Hiep Ho
    Hiep Ho Executive Vice President
  • James Pashutinski
    James Pashutinski Vice President of Corporate Relations
  • Abdullah Waqar
    Abdullah Waqar Vice President of Finance
  • Kiarra Lau
    Kiarra Lau Vice President of Events
  • Nicole Nieweglowski
    Nicole Nieweglowski Vice President of Marketing


  • Brian Yu
    Brian Yu Events Associate
  • Insiyah Hussain
    Insiyah Hussain Events Associate
  • Maggie Hu
    Maggie Hu Events Associate


  • Fotoon Elshoushany
    Fotoon Elshoushany Marketing Associate
  • Jerome Yap Palma
    Jerome Yap Palma Marketing Associate (Social Media)
  • Robyn Forsey
    Robyn Forsey Marketing Associate (Graphics)
  • Sabina Brandoniso
    Sabina Brandoniso Marketing Associate

corporate relations

  • Basel Al-Nazer
    Basel Al-Nazer Corporate Relations Associate
  • Iqbaal Zamarai
    Iqbaal Zamarai Corporate Relations Associate
  • Eran Rubman
    Eran Rubman Corporate Relations Associate


  • Ajanthan Elanganesan
    Ajanthan Elanganesan Finance Associate
  • Parsa Hemmati
    Parsa Hemmati Director of Finance
  • Yusuf Abdulla
    Yusuf Abdulla Finance Associate