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Ryerson Consulting

Bridging the gap between Ryerson University and the Consulting Industry since 2012

About the RCA

The RCA plays a pivotal role at Ryerson in preparing top undergraduate students for a career in consulting. We aim at opening doors for students that lead to success by providing the right atmosphere for students to learn with other like-minded individuals. From our initiatives, students are able to take away experiences that will aid them in whichever consulting industry they adopt. We have worked hard to establish strong bonds with some of the top consulting firms in Toronto in order to provide the best networking opportunities for our members.

The Ryerson Consulting Association Aims to:


Educate students on what the consulting industry entails including the work consultants do, why they are needed, what industries they work in, and what it is like to be a consultant.


Motivate students to possibly pursue a career in consulting. We take students through how someone would become a consultant, the education needed, and the sort of people to seek for advice, thus allowing them to make smart decisions about their future.


Inspire students to reach their full potential in consulting. We generate enthusiasm around the field of consulting and work hard at providing students with networking opportunities.